Dominate Information

Dominate is our league for players in the Platiunum/Diamond skill range.


Dominate is our most popular league in Risen Esports. Whether you’re an open or premade player, you’ll get to interact with an awesome and very active community, and improve alongside your teammates. Many of our past Dominate players have had success climbing in solo queue and say that Risen played a part in them getting better at League of Legends.

Currently, we offer an Open League and Premade League for Dominate. Open league players can sign up solo or with a duo. The rest of your team is assigned to you by our Roster staff. Premade teams can sign up with a maximum of 10 players and must go through a play-ins process to make it into the league.

Open League rank restrictions - Plat 4 to Diamond 4*

Premade League rank restrictions - Diamond 3 cap


Links for Season 6 of Dominate:

*Must have ended no higher than Diamond 5 in Season 8 and cannot currently be higher than Diamond 4 in Season 9.